Apartment in New York

You found the place, it could also be a bright apartment New York has always meant to be for less than the dream. Although it is too good to be true? Need to do a search on the website and a series of questions to ask before closing. Here are some things to put on your list as you do your research in the field.

1. The house is generally clean?

The owner or agent shows a recklessness or dirty is not a positive sign for the management of real estate. Look around for all rodent droppings. Look through the floor designs, furniture and kitchen. Some areas of the property may, cockroaches, rats, mice or worse to be known. Refer to the food left on the counter or food scraps in the kitchen, which is the space for the parasites that you do not want to call home. You are a strange smell in the kitchen or elsewhere?

2. The timing of two out-

Ensure that health and adequate food in the spray head of water in one direction, is it enough? Just turn the sink? Check for leaks in the pipes. It works the stove? All units are in order? Make sure electrical outlets are in the right places, and if enough of them.

Enter the damage behind the former owners or tenants on the left.

Sometimes the previous owner or owners do not solve most of the damage and allow for future tenants and owners. This may be an additional cost and headaches. Speaking of color, whether the paint contains lead. Prolonged exposure to household behavior can lead to serious health problems down the road.

3. Look up

There are spots on the roof leaking beat group? Sometimes it is a unit in the top devices that have been lost and can be a real problem if the tenant is less than the loss is large enough.

4. Go down

Upside down in the basement to get a better idea of ​​the general cleanliness of the building. There is no rodent droppings? Objects are stored in cabinets or relatively clean? Yes, no roof leaks in the basement? Columns and beams look healthy? Ask the last time you inspected the building.

5 . Ask

The neighborhood seems safe but is it really? Ask your neighbors about the area at night and is safe for women. I also ask that prospective tenants or noise in the building, go to the movies or in the vicinity.

It is best to visit your site on a weekend. Monitors and owners will be more accessible. In addition, the visit will be the weekend may have a better idea of ​​the tenants of the building and its surroundings.

When you look in the arm with this list when you visit the site, you can save a little time, money and headaches.

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